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The Origin of Species is an Arts Alive production

THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES   15th February 2020

by Tangram Theatre Copmpany        Time tbc

Full title: The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection or the Survival of (R)Evolutionary Theories in the face of Scientific and Ecclesiastical Objections:  being a musical comedy about Charles Darwin (1809-1882);  Tangram Theatre Company!

This international hit tells the remarkable story of how Charles Darwin discovered the secrets of evolution. It's packed with big ideas, terrible puns, brilliant physical comedy and six cracking original songs.

"Remarkably inventive, thoroughly entertaining .... Science can rarely have been so fascinating and never so much fun."  The Stage

"Grown-ups will love it.  Kids will adore it.  A gem."   Broadway Baby

Further details re tickets will be published in due course.